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Unexpected Peace Reunion at Colgate!

Four 'old' friends and dear colleagues met at the Colgate Inn for dinner on 7th November, to celebrate the Peace Studies Program, their friendships over 30 years, sharing current projects and memories and past teaching: John Knecht, NIgel Young, Nancy Ries (retiring as Director), Peter Balakian. Lynn Schwarzer, as Arts Division director, sponsored the event. 


This was part of Nigel Young's USA revisit; his book (Transnational Memory), the study abroad groups in Europe (l986-2002), both  new chapters in peace study  -  all arising from the course "Images of War and Peace in Modern Film, Art and Literature" (the original idea was that of Professor Kit (Curtis) Hinsley in l986 - and all those present enjoyed the collegial teaching that it enabled for two decades.

Thank you to Nancy Ries for organizing this!  


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