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Lecture Tours :

Around the World for Peace!

Nigel Young, editor in chief of the Oxford International Encyclopedia on World Peace, Conflict and Transformation, has been involved in Peace Studies since the early 60s. He is available to give lectures, slide shows, illustrated talks or presentations, in classes related to contemporary or historical war/peace issues. Please contact him directly for a list of suggested topics, and other details.


Young hopes to continue to visit peace studies centers, programs or peace related institutions. The result will be a report on the global state of the field. He is especially interested in universities or colleges which are considering or are in the process of creating programs or concentrations/majors/minors in Peace Studies or peace libraries/ museums/ study centers and sharing experiences.


His speaking venues have included more than 25 different countries worldwide including Japan, North America, Brazil, and most countries in the European Union, as well as former Yugoslavia and Albania.


If you are interested in hosting a visit, please forward details of the area, or the peace field you are interested in. 

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