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Peace Studies, Study Groups and Travel abroad

From the 1980s, a major innovation led by Nigel Young was the Study Group on Peace Studies in Europe, centered on The European Experience of Peace and War. Usually run in the Spring semesters; it was based on lectures and courses and experiential education at leading centers of Peace Study in western and northern  Europe including Britain, Austria and Ireland. Typically the study group (of about 18 students) made a first stop at Bradford University, home of the largest Peace Studies Department in the world.


Students explored local culture and peace counterparts from other countries, visited museums, ventured to, and discussed historical sites and events, especially related to conflict and resistance throughout Europe. Sites of memory such as Auschwitz/Birkenau (Poland) and the Great War (The Somme and Flanders Fields) were especially important.


Peace Studies faculty and students were encouraged to participate in this study group, and courses taken as a part of this program, also earned both program and departmental credit at many colleges and universities.


This innovation in Peace Studies has become a model for many such Programmes of Peace Study abroad, worldwide.

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