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Postnational Memory Book Launch

Postnational Memory, Peace and War: Making Pasts Beyond Borders, by Nigel Young published by Routledge is now available through Taylor and Francis: see details below.

The book was successfully launched on 17th January at Conway Hall, Holborn, London. Thanks to all who attended and helped support the book. Some images from the evening are attached -they include the author being interviewed by Peter Spafford (Chapel FM Leeds) some of the almost 60 people attending; Gill Akhtar Scottish Sinfonia, solo violin - Together with author she presented a musical vignette of songs mentioned in the book: on silencing and soldiering; associating war, music and memory. Robin Luckham spoke on the book's challenging work of personal witness based on wisdom and deep experience. John Gittings, (quoted by Wendy Price [MC]) described the book as "a rich tapestry of words images and reflections with searching questions about the impact of war on human consciousness". Antonia Young read a Vignette from the book (Espresso Moments). Anna Davin linked the book to The traditions of creating a popular history from the grassroots. Many who sent regrets may wish to know of future events linked to the book.

Now available via /9780367110970

in USA 1-800 634 7064 e-mail:

in UK: 44(0)1235 400 524 (01235 400 524) e-mail:

Ordering details ISBN 978 -0 367- 11096- 3 hardback ISBN 978 0 367 11097 - 0 Paperback DSisc Code SOC19

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