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The B3P works towards the creation of a trans-national, cross border, environmentally protected park in the adjoining mountain areas of northern Albania, Kosovo/a and Montenegro, as a symbol of peace and cooperation, to promote environmental and sustainable visitor activities in the region, and sustain stronger communities across frontiers.


The spectacular mountain range straddling the borders of northern Albania, Kovovo/a and Montenegro form a landscape of wild beauty, exceptional flora and fauna and traditional lifestyle that is almost unique in Europe, relatively unspoiled by modern development. But it is a landscape under threat: from declining population in the harsh conditions, from illegal logging and other environmental destruction.


The Balkans Peace Park aims to unite the communities of the three countries in preserving this international heritage, and in enabling people to continue to live in the valleys supported by sustainable visitor activities (such as hiking and mountaineering) and enhanced local production and crafts.


A 7-panel photo text exhibit about the Balkan Peace Park, which is attractive, informative and professionally produced, has been created and is available to display at conferences, colleges or other venues upon request.


Nigel and Antonia Young have worked with groups in all three countries of the area, as well as on the committee of the UK (non-profit) charity Balkans Peace Park Project (UK charity # 1105447).


There are now B3P groups forming in the USA and Albania and there is close co-operation with international organizations including the UN.


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