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Peace Projects in the Works

An A-Z of Peace Images

An exhibition online database/website, a book and a conference “Images of Modern War and Peace in art, film and literature.


A Global Peace Atlas

Exhibition, online and eventually a book. 

Modern Memory Work and Peace Culture 

Following the new book, lectures, with emphasis on constructive modern memory – art, film, literature, etc. (a tour is envisaged)

Digital 2nd Edition of OIEP

Full proposal for online and eventually print to OUP for an update

Pedagogical Guide to the OIEP

Student and Teacher guide to using and researching with the OIEP with sample lesson plans for high school and university use with support from Earlham College. 

Communities of Resistance

A theoretically based study of transnational war resistance in the 20th century – publications followed by lectures

1968 Revisited

Anniversary monologue: seeking collaborative funding and multiple grant applications, drawing on the analysis of An Infantile Disorder

Dictionary A-Z of Peace Analysis

Library of Peace and Social Transformation

A collection of the libraries of former peace scholars and activists. Location TBA (with support of the Guerrand-Hermes Peace Foundation)

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